Sunday 2 September 2012

Anomaly - Rush Hour

Single review by KevW

No, sadly not a cover of Jane Wiedlin's 80s rock classic, but that's no reason to dampen the spirits. This particular 'Rush Hour' is unlikely to achieve such legendary status but it's worth its moment in the spotlight. Anomaly is an electronic singer-songwriter from London who's teamed up with Bristol production team Apollo & Soulsa who've taken one of her tracks and given it a dusting of their electronic wizardry for a single release on the eclectic Sick Music Records label. There's nothing astonishing about the song itself, in fact it feels more like a forerunner of great things to come in the future. Kind of like the simple starter at a forthcoming five course banquet if you will.

The song is put together in a reasonably routine way, it's what's added to it that makes it more interesting. The buzzing beats, the electronic bleeps and the whispered "wake up" take a quite traditional song structure and ordain it in classy production make-up. Kind of like like the plain girl-next-door suddenly taking off her glasses, letting down her hair and turning into the sexy beast you never expected her to be. Whether this lot have plans to collaborate again in the future we don't know. Going on the strength of this though, it'll be interesting to hear what else they can come up with.

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