Monday 14 May 2012

Wavre - Summer Jamz

EP review by KevW

Wavre is a project so new that the four demo tracks that make up the 'Summer Jamz' EP were recorded just days ago. The duo consists of Dallas residents Garry Brents and Dominique Patton who share and interchange instrumental duties with the lead vocal position occupied by Patton, although half of these introductory recordings are instrumental. This is just an initial demo outing and it shows, there's an unfinished air to their sound and they haven't quite yet found their feet which makes 'Anticipatience' and 'Morning Sketches' come across as slightly directionless, but as the title suggests, these are mere sketches for the time being.

By its very nature this EP is imperfect, however it makes up for it with bundles of promise. 'Acid Parade' is simply delightful, a misty, summery pop song that you could easily tuck on to a Best Coast album, and 'Iridescent' gently shimmers like those glowing seas in the picture above. The instrumental tracks, despite being little more than jams, also have a lively sparkle that suggests they may yet develop into fully-fledged dreampop wonders when they've had time to grow. Wavre' may only be making their first tentative ripples, but they're heading in the right direction.

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