Tuesday 1 May 2012

Artist To Check Out: Animaux Surround

Article by KevW

Beginning life in late 2010, Animaux Surround is the project of Frenchman Isidore Hibou and incorporates visuals as well as music. The first release was last summer's 'Booking Rooms' mini-album, with another release planned for later this year. Because of the concept of combining images and audio, the music does have a cinematic mood to it, and it makes sense that his list of influences includes nearly as many film makers as it does musicians. If we concentrate on the latter you'll get a good sense of the sounds Animaux Surround create.

Along with a diverse range of pioneering electronic producers and composers from the UK and US (Silver Apples, Philip Glass, Gary Numan, Brian Eno) are the cream of the 70s European trailblazers (Can, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre) and the music on this debut release incorporates and merges classical music, krautrock, electronica and more. The overall feel is somewhat retro but with enough of a modern slant to steer it away from mimicry. Check out the chilly, pulsating electronica of 'Whatever' and the more atmospheric and human sounding 'Awake'.

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