Sunday 6 May 2012

Band To Check Out: Leverton Fox

Article by KevW

Following in the lineage of electronic sound experimentists and pioneers that includes Robert Moog and Delia Derbyshire through to Sonic Boom and Autechre, are Leverton Fox whose fascination with the avant-garde and the left-field has seen them seek out new audio textures using archaic and innovative instruments and production techniques, to manufacture sound collages that could only loosely be defined as 'songs' or 'music'. It's this spirit of radical adventure that drives their quest for the unexplored territory which they've mapped on forthcoming second album 'The Human Arm'

Consisting of improvisation and experimentation, the album will appeal to those who've found enjoyment in the free-jazz space exploration of Sun Ra or the psychedelic live performances of Kluster. To promote the new album they've teamed up with SCRATCH Pictures who've paired some of Leverton Fox's sound collages with their modern surrealist visuals. The result is slightly disturbing, slightly unusual, marvellously hallucinatory and incredibly intriguing. What makes it even better is that the whole concept is bound to be lost on most people; it's brain-bendingly, head-scratchingly fantastic.

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