Saturday 26 May 2012

Five For Free #82

Toys That Kill - Stye

Originally formed in 1989 as F.Y.P, Toys That Kill have been in their present form since the turn of the millennium and have just released a new album, 'Fambly 42', on Recess Records. Taken from it is 'Stye', an awesome piece of punky powerpop that packs in plenty of energy and melody into its two and a bit minutes, grab it for free below.

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XPiRiMiNT - Rain Dance

American solo artist XPiRiMiNT is dedicated to creating new sounds using a multitude of organic and electronic instruments. New track 'Rain Dance' includes ukulele, electric and twelve string guitars along with some processed beats and effects. The end result is a seductive and warm piece of folktronica that should appeal to fans of both electronic and acoustic sounds.

XPiRiMiNT's website

Liz Lawrence - Hold On

London-based singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence released a new EP on Young & Lost Club records this week titled 'Live From No. 82' and it features three songs recorded in her band-mate's living room. Free download 'Hold On' is once such track and is an excellent piece of modern folk that shows off her beautifully restrained vocals. If you're in the London area she has several upcoming gigs and should be worth catching.

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Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires - The Woods

Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires are from Iowa and have been gigging for just over a year, releasing their debut single last October, swiftly followed by second release and free download 'The Woods' a few weeks later. No news of an album just yet, but there are plenty of songs in existence so hopefully it won't be long, in the mean time enjoy this gruff and ragged punk-rock blast.

Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires' website

Eugene McGuinness - Lion/Shotgun

At the end of June Eugene McGuinness will be releasing his new album 'The Invitation To The Voyage' and ahead of release you can pick up singles 'Lion' and 'Shotgun' for free. The former is a hybrid of indie-rock and psychobilly whereas the latter lays on some surf guitar and a meandering Peter Gunn like riff. It's the darker of the two, but only just, and both suggest the new record should be pretty good.

Free download: 'Lion'/'Shotgun'

Eugene McGuinness' website

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