Saturday 5 May 2012

Five For Free #76

The Walkman - Heaven

It doesn't seem that long since the New York indie-rock band released last album 'Lisbon', but unbelievably it's over a year and a half ago. Time flies, and so does The Walkmen's new single 'Heaven', finding them in an unusually jovial and upbeat mood. This title-track from their new album which is out on May 29th is one of the best songs they've ever made.

The Walkmen's website

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The Tuts - I Call You Up

The Tuts are an all-girl trio from Hayes in Middlesex and they specialise in lo-fi indiepop that follows in the footsteps of clattering D.I.Y. indie bands from the early 80s to the present day. They smash through the melodic bubblegum pop of 'I Call You Up' in under two minutes. It's a whirlwind of fun and you can download it for free below.

The Tuts' website

TV Girl - It Evaporates

If you've been checking out the site for a while you'll be aware that we think San Diego duo TV Girl are absolutely wonderful in the way they combine samples and beats to make a modern update of doo-wop, soul and 60s girl group sounds. We're getting more and more excited about their album by the day, and sublime new track 'It Evaporates' ticks all the right boxes.

Free download: 'It Evaporates'

TV Girl's website

Koko Beware - I Just Wanna Dance

Did you like that track by The Tuts? Then you should probably try out Athens, Georgia band Koko Beware who make similarly low-budget C86-influenced scuzzy pop nuggets. 'I Just Wanna Dance' is shouty, punky and poppy all at once and neatly includes more bubblegum melodies with a little hint of surf rock to add an extra dimension to things.

Download 'I Just Wanna Dance' free by heading to Odd Box Records

Koko Beware's website

The Great American Canyon Band - Tumbleweed/Burn

If you haven't already subjected your ears to the delights of The Great American Canyon Band then the name should give you an idea of how they sound. We couldn't decide which track from new single 'Tumbleweed' to post, so here are both. Expect harmony-drenched, dreamy, atmospherics and lush backing, and try to avoid inevitable Fleet Foxes comparisons because they're probably sick of them...
Free download: 'Tumbleweed'

Free download: 'Burn'

The Great American Canyon Band's website

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