Friday 18 May 2012

The Dreaming Spires - Not Every Song From The Sixties Is A Classic

Single review by KevW

There is a persistent myth amongst men (and it is mainly men) of a certain age that the sixties were the best decade of all time for music and will never be surpassed. For example, Uncut magazine (yup, men of a certain age) declared 1966 the greatest year ever a while ago. Of course there were bucket loads of great records made in that decade, but those rose-tinted spectacles have also somehow transformed the hideously naff tunes the era spat out into something to be celebrated rather than forgotten. So good on Truck Festival founders The Dreaming Spires for stating the truth, and kudos for doing so in the form of a sixties sounding, jangly folk-rock track!

'Not Every Song From The Sixties Is A Classic' is the new single from their anticipated debut album 'Brothers In Brooklyn' which is out next month. It's full of organ, sparkling guitars and harmonies that have been handed down from the Byrds to Teenage Fanclub and beyond. Subsequently the sound is pretty much timeless, and thankfully the song matches it by being catchy and uplifting like Belle & Sebastian if they swapped cardigans and hymn books for some tatty jeans and Buffalo Springfield records. Calling it a classic might be pushing it, but you won't need nostalgia to recognise that this is a decent tune.

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