Thursday 31 May 2012

Band To Check Out: XNY

Article by KevW

This pair of Brooklynites came together to form XNY after hearing each other practising through the walls of their apartments, and soon the neighbours decided to combine their efforts and work as a duo. The full results of the collaboration are due on June 12th when they release their debut album which is called (of course) 'Through The Wall'. The first few tasters reveal an acoustic sound that's pretty far removed from any folk/Americana stylings and nearer in spirit to the experimental/art rock scene that's so vibrant in their city right now.

Ahead of the album's release you can check out a couple of tracks: free download 'Make Me' and album track 'Another Way' which comes accompanied by a Serena Reynolds directed video. 'Another Way' is an acoustic alt-rock tune backed by electronic beats and it's not short of genuine feeling courtesy of Pam Autuori's impassioned vocals. 'Make Me' has a more traditional feel but again brings with it a certain amount of power. Comparisons to The Kills have been bandied about but are slightly off the mark, with these two songs having the air of a more robust Slow Club or a less predictable Blood Red Shoes. Whoever you compare them to, they've been getting a fair bit of hype and on the strength of these two tracks they could well live up to it too.

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