Thursday 3 May 2012

My Tiny Robots - My Tiny Robots

Single review by KevW

This is the final in the series of three single releases for Edinburgh indie/odd-pop merchants My Tiny Robots. Beginning late last year, the track lengths have gradually increased, culminating in this eponymous potential signature track. Protracted duration doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with a more 'epic' sound, but in this instance it's fair to say that 'My Tiny Robots' is the band's biggest, broodiest song of the set. It's also their most conventional so far, steering them away from the bonkers, off-kilter experimenting they've toyed with previously and on to a slightly more serious and darker plane.

At least that's the case musically. Ominous guitars chug away before exploding into a crunching chorus that reaches several stories higher than they've ventured before. The more traditional approach doesn't detract from the music by any means; there are still quirks and offbeat lyrics and the subject matter is anything but normal. 'My Tiny Robots' is a bold and confident track, and in a way it's a shame that this series of singles has come to an end as it hasn't disappointed at any point. Hopefully the good news will be that their energies will now be focussed on producing an album, and if they do it has the potential to be quite something.

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  1. Thought it was a rip-roaring tune. Really enjoyd it!


  3. Sorry, that link up there isn't spam or anything. Just a wee snippet of a video for the song. Cheers!