Saturday 19 May 2012

VSP - Honey

Single review by KevW

Originally formed in 2005, Finnish band VSP then took an extended break before reforming for a comeback. That comeback record? Well, as they didn't get that far the first time round, it was their debut album 'The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1'. Their manifesto is to "have fun, play music, make people laugh", and if we're judging them by single 'Honey' they can give themselves three ticks. As a song, 'Honey' is unusual enough, beginning with gentle strumming and strings that usually signal the start of something heartfelt and powerful, then in under a minute it's transformed by a creepy, gruff vocal about not buying the song's subject a ticket to a gig.

It just gets odder, with a change of pace that transforms it into a jolly knees-up. The challenge is taking it seriously, but it's enough fun to prevent you being too much of a miserable git about the novelty side of things. 'Honey' ends up being not too far away from the experimental, anything goes ethos employed by early Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. And then there's the video, with animal costumes as the norm and household objects used as instruments. It's said that long, dark, endless winters can turn people slightly insane. 'Honey' shows us just what these madmen do to pass the time. Suddenly 'Alice In Finland' seems like a genius idea for a film.

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