Wednesday 9 May 2012

All Will Be Quiet - The First Day Part 2

Single review by KevW

Finland's finest proprietors of soaring post-rock, All Will Be Quiet, are set to release their debut album 'On The First Day' next week and it's apparently destined to be a concept album about the fall and then subsequent rise of society. While we hope their vision of the world hauling itself from the ashes of the current economic and political downturn proves to be correct, either way it's nice to know that we have some decent tunes to soundtrack the eventual outcome. From what we've heard so far from All Will Be Quiet, this soundtrack is set to be suitably grandiose and cinematic.

As a contrast to debut single 'Wide Eyes & Space Flights' with its commanding beat, euphoric chorus and sweeping synths, 'The First Day Part 2' is entirely instrumental and summons an altogether different atmosphere that also ends in skyscraping elation. It may take an age to get going, but when it does it positively soars, starting with the gentle rumble of of drums, then swelling and swelling until it explodes into a crescendo of strings and guitars. With all the hope that's encapsulated in these four minutes, the future begins to look brighter by the second.

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