Monday 14 May 2012

Out This Week - 14th May 2012

Tu Fawning - Bones

The second album from Portland collective Tu Fawning is titled 'A Monument' and it sounds as though that was also the project brief. Tracks such as 'Bones' do indeed have a statuesque presence and are built to be remembered rather than as throwaway alt-rock. This seven and a half minute opus finds them creating great slabs of sound from pianos, guitars and busy percussion with some delicious harmonic singing.

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Portasound - Messerschmitt

London electro-rock group Portasound release their new EP 'The Second Renaissance' this week and taken from it is the frantic, crunching 'Messerschmitt' which  you can grab free below. The sound is a bit like the Lo Fidelity Allstars going pop and combines some hectic guitar strumming with hefty beats and some noisy synth blasts. The perfect Monday morning wake up call.

Free download: 'Messerschmitt'

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Violens - Der Microarc

Keeping the pace up but moving us on to dreamier territories are New York trio Violens whose second album 'True' is out this week. 'Der Microarc' has a slightly kraut-pop edge which they top off with some tinkling sounds and hazey, floaty vocals. No signs of second album syndrome here, the new one is looking as lush and tuneful as the debut as this freebie will attest.

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Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

If The Gaslight Anthem still held the raw punk energy they had at their first incarnation they'd probably be producing records that sounds as passionate and vital as this new chunk of anthemic alt-rock from Canadian duo Japandroids. 'The House That Heaven Built' is the new single from their forthcoming album 'Celebration Rock' which is out next month.

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Big Wave Riders - Waiting In The Wings

According to one William Shakespeare: ‘All the world’s a stage’; I’m not sure exactly who he is, perhaps some young pup who pens stuff for an inferior blog, but give the lad his due, he may actually have hit upon something. For Finnish quintet Big Wave Riders, last year’s self-titled EP was their final, and very accomplished, dress rehearsal prior to opening night. Scene set and (guitar) lines learnt, they now stand poised by the curtain, ready to tread the boards and make a play for the spotlight. ‘Waiting In The Wings’ is the first act from the band’s debut LP – a record scheduled for release this coming summer - and it sees them cast in a role previously performed with distinction by The Cure and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Will they please the critics? Let’s check; jangle-pop melodies: nailed; tempo: straining on the leash; vocals: dripping with desperation – you know I think they might just be on the way to making this part their own. As you like it? Well it’s a standing ovation from us!

Big Wave Riders' website

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