Friday 4 May 2012

Sonic Hearts Foundation - The Storm

Single review by KevW

This is the debut single by Glasgow quartet Sonic Hearts Foundation and it's pretty clear from the off that it's determined to test out your speakers and stamp its mark. The quaking, tempestuous opening does indeed conjure up the forbidding feeling of a storm on the horizon, all thunderous drums and reverberating guitars. As the song settles it's steadily carried along on a rumbling post-punk bass line and sheets of mildly distorted guitar. It's as though early 80s Goth has collided with the psychedelia of 'A Storm In Heaven' era Verve.

As you've probably gathered, 'The Storm' is a fitting title for this booming, clanging and slightly unsettling track. The vocals are harsh and disturbed, as though they're giving out a warning, and the shadowy figures, smoke, clouds and flames in the video capture the atmosphere perfectly. Sonic Hearts Foundation don't seem to be lacking in ambition and this debut song is a bit of a beast. It'll be interesting to hear what else they've got up their sleeves.

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1 comment:

  1. This is more accessible than other songs I've heard by SHF. Yeah, they are ambitious. Oh and loud, they use a megaphone during their live show. I like this single, can clearly hear the influences of bands such as Joy Division and EATB but they also put their own stamp on this. Great tune!