Wednesday 9 May 2012

Five For Free #77

Virals - Gloria

This week sees the release of a new EP from Virals and the more we hear, the more they sound like one of the most promising new guitar bands in the UK. 'Gloria' is the final track on 'Coming Up With The Sun' and mixes their sun-kissed melodies with some first rate powerpop and ends up sounding a bit like The Smith Westerns covering The Dandy Warhols at their most energetic.

For the free download of 'Gloria' head here

Virals' website

Buy the EP

The Record Summer - An Enormous Anger Grows In Brooklyn

Talking of sun-kissed melodies, this free track from New York trio The Record Summer is dreamy and jangly and irresistibly laid-back and summery. 'An Enormous Anger Grows In Brooklyn' (from their EP 'Race To The Bottom') seems like a misleading title as this track feels more optimistic than angry. If you're outside the US and want to hear more, they should be heading for the UK for gigs soon.

The Record Summer's website

Buy the EP

Vagabond Poets - Only Human

On this side of the pond, Cumbernauld quartet Vagabond Poets have been gaining momentum since their 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' EP last year and have just released new single 'Only Human' as a free download. Taking influence from classic rock as well as sound pioneers such as Joe Meek, they use a danceable bass line to drive along a powerful piece of crunching Britrock.

The Vagabond Poets' website

Island Twins - Wolf's Lair

Our favourite new fuzz-pop trio Island Twins won an OROTW award for their awesome free track 'Lying In State' recently, and to prove they've got more where that came from, here's another from the Queens-based bunch. 'Wolf's Lair' is more melody-infused buzzing indiepop with a great catchy chorus. Here's hoping it's not long until they get some proper records out.

Island Twins' website

Madeaux - Opium

Following on from her recent download single, US experimentalist Madeaux is offering up another free piece of choppy, twisted electronica, full of drowsy samples and squished vocals. 'Opium' is woozy to the point where it actually begins to sound like the vinyl is melting on the turntable (or the MP3 is melting in the hard-drive anyway...) and is both dark and oddly euphoric.

Madeaux's website

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