Tuesday 15 May 2012

Headaches - Oh Honey/Genie

Single review by KevW

This double A-side single by Canadian artist Landon Speers (Headaches to you and me) is inspired by mass consumerism; its existence being the result of weaving together segments of sound from TV and film and correlating and constructing them into a coherent pair of glitchy, twisted electronica tracks. This busy collage of shuffling percussion and clipped vocals does manage to represent the hectic, constant and mechanical nature of digital and electronic life. It's a harsh and cold sound that you can't easily pin down to a specific genre. It's hallucinatory, dreamlike and fairly hostile, much like the environment it tries to represent.

'Oh Honey' is screwed up sounds layered over each other in a choppy fashion with ghostly voice samples interlaced through it, whereas 'Genie' is mildly more accessible, but in a robotic, automated way, seemly on the verge of bursting into a pop song but never quite getting there. This single is more than just audio, coming accompanied by a visual diary of a journey to the barren and declining environment of California's landlocked Salton Sea. The unsettled and uncomfortable nature of the music works to enhance the warm human images taken in such a seemingly inhospitable location. It's an odd pairing that works surprisingly well.

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