Thursday 17 May 2012

Mooncreatures - Mooncreatures EP

EP review by KevW

Judging by this debut EP (available on limited edition cassette and download), London's Mooncreatures inhabit an eerie twilight world. Not one of vampires and sinister beasts of the night, but one of hazy half-light and surreal sounds and thoughts that occupy the brief period where you're half asleep and half awake and the world doesn't entirely make sense. These six tracks feel like a strange and distant glow that you can't quite tune into properly or your misfiring brain can't make sense of just yet. As such this is an odd and confusing record - but in a good way.

So smothered in reverb are these sounds that at some points the instruments blend into one indistinguishable, tinny, metallic blur. It's almost as though their light is shining through a layer of frosted glass that, if removed, would unveil their true identity. 'Lakedrainers' and 'Balloon Festival' are recorded in such a way that they're little more than an icy shimmer backed by drums, with vocals coming from a transistor radio hidden at the back of a cave somewhere in the vicinity of the studio. '(Coast Road)' and 'Meet The Ocean' remove the vocals and beat and you're left with drifting, misty interludes. Mooncreatures make an intriguing and often beautiful fuzz, but how much you take from it will largely depend on your frame of mind. Me? I'll give it a brain-melting thumbs up.

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