Friday 25 May 2012

Ali Young - Love Animal EP

EP review by KevW

Ali Young is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles and cites influences such as La Sera, Rilo Kiley and PJ Harvey, and although the tracks on this new EP display a poppier sound than those female icons, they're charming enough to appeal to fans of indie, folk, pop and alt-rock alike. 'Love Animal' is a digital only release (including a name-your-price download via bandcamp) but you wouldn't mind betting it won't be too long before a label comes sniffing and the vinyl junkies have something to get their grubby paws on.

'Love Animal' keeps itself just the right side of the lovably sweet pop/a bit sickly line thanks to Young's delivery, but it shows that heading in a more commercial direction is a route that's open to her should she choose to pursue it. 'Make Believe' offers more in the way of muscle while remaining accessible enough for radio to be all over it. The more folky 'kaBoom' hints that the option to take a darker path is also well within her grasp, and the closing 'Drift' is chugging indiepop. On the strength of this quartet of songs, it would seem that Ali Young is a songwriter of no small talent and has the ability to take her music forward in many different ways. It'll be very interesting to see where she goes next.

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