Tuesday 22 May 2012

Band To Check Out: The Seed Coat

Article by KevW

Sweden's The Seed Coat is essentially the work of Alexander Eldefors who writes, plays and produces most of the material on new album 'Mammal Days', along with the occasional contributions from a squad of helpers (Lisa Gagerman's vocals on psych-blues track 'I Was Gonna Say Something' are particularly effective). 'Mammal Days' is a melting-pot of psychedelic influences ranging from 60s blues and garage through to Spacemen 3 and the trippier end of 90s shoegaze. The bulk of the record takes in mid-paced, soulful blues-rock doused in effects and hazey, blurred guitars.

'Lose Lose Lose' looks to Sonic Boom for inspiration and comes across sounding like an early Spectrum track, it's a definite highlight and probably the most immediate song here, but those looking for deeper psychedelic grooves will find plenty to get stuck into if they immerse themselves in the kaleidoscopic, foggy haze of 'Blind' or the funky drone of 'Same Thing All Over Again'. The Seed Coat is an ample exploration into sonic deep-space for both those familiar with these territories and those just embarking on their adventures into psychedelia.

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