Thursday 3 May 2012

Frenetics - Broken Hand EP

EP review by KevW

Despite that skeletal cover, Yorkshire quartet Frenetics generate a muscular racket that has one foot in late 70s punk and the other in the pre-Britpop glam of Suede (or Big White Stairs for fans lesser know 90s indie bands). There's a Brett Anderson twang to the vocal intonation but the thunderous drums and crunching guitars add a weightier, more pressing sound. They definitely veer towards the heavier end of punk but the load is lightened by those vocals and the poppy melodies. Essentially what we're looking at is powerpop.

Lead track 'Ella' has a spiky riff and looks to the more experimental guitar wielders of new-wave before unleashing a chorus that's beamed in from an early Suede track. There's a hint of Gang Of Four and a hint of Magazine. 'Satellites' tricks you into thinking it's hard rock with a beefy opening before a great melody cuts through it and balances things out. 'See You On The Other Side' similarly straddles the respectable end of 90s British guitar music and '77 spirit, and the slower paced 'Swing Kids' brings a nice contrast with its less forceful nature and anthemic structure. If you've found the hyped indie-rock of Tribes a bit too laddish then Frenetics offer a much more appetizing version.

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