Saturday 19 May 2012

Five For Free #80

Fidlar - Got No Money

Slacker garage-punks Fidlar have recently released a new EP titled 'Don't Try', and from it is this charmingly ragged single. 'Got No Money' is built around a repetitive bass and guitar line with mildly scuzzed-up production. It's short, sharp and catchy and should appeal to anyone who likes raw rock 'n' roll, garage, punk or indie. Stream or download it below.

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Led Er Est - Kaiyo Maru

'Kaiyo Maru' is a track from New York trio Led Er Est's new album 'The Diver' which was released at the start of the month. Known for their cold and industrial brand of electronic new-wave, this track captures their essence in four minutes of ticking beats and dead-pan vocals, all underpinned by retro synths and electronics that could have teleported themselves in from 1979.

Free download: 'Kaiyo Maru'

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Sean Bones - Hit Me Up

To counteract those coldwave beats is this new track from Brooklyn's Sean Bones who has also just released a new album. We've already given you 'Here Now' from 'Buzzard's Boy', and here's another cut from the album, the warm and summery 'Hit Me Up' which takes some chilled strumming and straps in a dubby bass and tinkling steel drums.

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The Young - Livin' Free

The Young are a quartet from Austin who've have recently signed to the acclaimed Matador label where they're just about to release their second album 'Dub Egg'. They're giving us a free sample of what's included with opening track 'Livin' Free' which sits somewhere between the late sixties/early seventies alt-rock of Neil Young or The Band and more recent grungy, psychedelic types Tame Impala.

The Young's website

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Seventeen Evergreen - Burn The Fruit (Pegasus)

Californian experimentalists Seventeen Evergreen are offering up another free track from their 'Steady On, Scientist!' album. 'Burn The Fruit (Pegasus)' is a sprawling trip through psych-pop and alt-rock with disco grooves. It's a bit like Animal Collective if they decided to just throw a massive party and left out the boring 'arty' bits. Grab it below and join in the fun.

Free download: 'Burn The Fruit (Pegasus)'

Seventeen Evergreen's website

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