Tuesday 29 May 2012

Muj - Got You

Single review by KevW

Although formed and based in the USA where the pair met at college, Muj are a duo of Turkish descent and the music they create reflects their transcontinental journey, mixing a variety of familiar genres with the influence of traditional Turkish structures and sounds. It's a great approach that gives their style-mashing music a slightly exotic bent that may not be familiar to those accustomed to more routine Western pop and rock fodder. Debut album '2012' has steadily built up momentum and plaudits, and the release of this new video/single will hopefully help spread the word further still.

It seems incredibly apt that such label-hopping music is accompanied by similarly mixed up visuals, combining animation with live action, black and white with colour and regular speed with sped up footage. Much like the song, the video for 'Got You' is a little trippy and surreal, but huge fun at the same time. The track itself is an exquisite fusion of electro-pop, indie-rock, baroque and big beat sounds. You can try and tag it if you like, but you'll probably find it'll wriggle free with casual grace and then stick its tongue out at you, knowing full well that labels are for jam jars and not music. A real Turkish delight and no mistake.

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