Wednesday 23 May 2012

Leitbur - Think Of Tomorrow

Single review by KevW

The untimely passing of Donna Summer served as a reminder of just how important her pioneering work with Giorgio Moroder was. Not just did it breathe new life into the stale and sickly disco scene, it also played a huge part in forming what we now know as electronica. From New Order to Hercules & Love Affair, the pulsing sounds and dance beats have been a staple in many forms of popular music ever since. This new single from Californian electronic artist Leitbur is no exception, neatly updating the formula to combine those retro sounds with gleaming modern production.

Having grown up listening to the sounds of 80s rock and dance music Jaron Widman will be well aware of the history and that knowledge is put to great use on 'Think Of Tomorrow', a track that's straddles genres and uses a Moroder-esque bedding as the base on which to build it's layers of synth bleeps and whooshes. This is a song that would probably find itself filed under the 'alternative' banner, but there's a big pop tune here too and you don't need to be a connoisseur of electronica to appreciate this work. Much like Donna Summer, Leitbur should find fans in many corners of the musical world.

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