Friday 11 May 2012

Artist To Check Out: Ryan Smith

Article by KevW

Columbus-based singer-songwriter Ryan Smith has self-released a handful of records which have seen him move from his entirely acoustic debut 'Someone Please Take Me Home' through to brand new album 'Waiting', in which he embraces more electronic sounds. This progression has been gradual with synths and effects creeping in to his work over time. By way of experimenting with which sounds best suited his new tunes, there were actually three versions of 'Waiting' recorded; one totally guitar-based, a hybrid, and finally the electronic version. It was the latter that Ryan thought best captured the songs and without hearing the other two versions it's still difficult to argue with his choice.

The gently buzzing synths are poppy and playful but also lend a light yet lush texture to this set of melodic indie/pop songs. The title-track is reminiscent of The Postal Service or The Flaming Lips at their most radio-friendly and the pulsing 'All I'll Ever Ask Of You' is a lovable, budget symphony about heartbreak and mixes lo-fi electronica with 80s synth-pop flourishes. These two pocket-sized tasters are not only instantly likeable and candy-sweet, they're free to stream or download below, and if you like what you hear then follow the link to grab the whole album for nothing.

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