Sunday 13 May 2012

Swimming - All Things Made New (Stand)/I Do (Come True)

Single review by KevW

If, per chance, this is your introduction to Nottingham's Swimming, then the need-to-know facts are that they've been in existence in various forms for several years and have a brace of acclaimed albums to their name. The changing line-up was initially put together by Amusement Parks On Fire member John Sampson and their latest addition is Sam Potter from Late Of The Pier. When seeking comparisons to other artists you really need to look no further than the aforementioned bands, as these two tracks fuse the shoegazey ambience of the former with the experimental pop nous of the latter.

What's also worth noting is that these songs combine this hybrid sound with a selection of massive pop hooks that could indicate that they're headed for wider recognition fairly soon. 'All Things Made New (Stand)' is a big pop tune hidden behind a track from the new Yeti Lane album and has considerable might. 'I Do (Come True)' is formed from similar textures, slowed down just a touch, and is also in possession of a melody that's not to be messed with. They might currently be relative unknowns, but it's clear from this single that Swimming mean business.

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