Friday 11 May 2012

Capitals - All These Years

Single review by KevW

Following their assured debut single 'Jealousy/Sinking Ships', this new offering from Edinburgh duo Capitals seems to want to assure us that their mildly industrial electro-pop isn't all quite as dark and sinister as we may have been led to believe. 'All These Years' feels distinctly lighter, and adding an extra teaspoon of pop into their melee of beats, bleeps and synths kind of suits them. As before, this single isn't instantly lovable, taking a few plays before it begins to work its magic, but those initial spins are worth sticking out because 'All These Years' might be their best track to date.

There's a glimmer of The Postal Service about the production, although this is a million miles from sickly Owl City territory; look to the more experimental and less flimsy end of their indietronica spectrum. B-side 'Ode To An End' is a little disappointing after the two solid tracks that made up Capitals' last offering, so it's little surprise it's been given second billing. That said, it's still a decent enough acoustic guitar tune that provides further evidence that this pair are no one-trick ponies. With Capitals heading to the US next month to broaden their horizons, this single gives them a fighting chance of making at least a mild splash on the other side of the pond.

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