Wednesday 9 May 2012

Daroc - Wonder

Single review by KevW

Following hot on the heels of his recent 'Destination' EP, French producer Daroc gives us another offering this week with a track from the covers album 'Additional Wonders'. 'Wonder' is quite possibly the best song we've heard from him yet, and certainly the most accessible which will hopefully hook a few more casual electronica fans and send them his way. We still know very little about him, but to roll out the old cliché, sometimes it's better to concentrate on the music (, and an air of mystery is most welcome given the heavy exploitation of social media by some folk out there.

So what we get from 'Wonder' is a glistening journey through retro electronic blips and swooshes with a gentle pop tune sat atop the warm layers, snugly cushioned by their cosy softness. It's all very laid-back and pensive, but the hopeful tone is incredibly uplifting and relaxing at the same time. It's pretty much an aural brain massage, so if you need to take five minutes out and let your head settle, 'Wonder' could well be the perfect anti-stress tonic.

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