Sunday 27 May 2012

Artist To Check Out: Paul Durango

Article by KevW

French electro artist Paul Durango initially started out making films at the beginning of the last decade but gradually and naturally made the transition to music through his love of analogue electronic equipment as well as more conventional instruments, and he soon began to discover similarly minded artists who'd gone before him as he started to develop his sound. A few early tracks were released on limited vinyl and now he's set to release a compendium of his work from 2006-2011 in the form of his first proper album, the fifteen track set 'Just Bodies'.

Paul Durango's music sounds incredibly organic considering it's electronically made and doesn't contain many of the acoustic instruments that commonly litter the genre, perhaps having more in common with 70s bands such as Cluster or Can. The likes of 'Prison de Femmes' and 'Tape 'O Tape' carry the odour of prog rock in their beats and abstract, wandering construction. It's retro but not in the 8-bit/Casio keyboard sense. These are warm and muscular tunes that carry enough of a pop sense to limit themselves in length to that of conventional pop songs, resisting the temptation to stick around too long. It's a clever way of ensuring that 'Just Bodies' remains an engaging listen start to finish.

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