Wednesday 25 November 2015

Vinten - You Don't Know Me

Article by KevW

In this day and age, it may seem unusual to try and pin certain sounds down to a specific country or area, apart from new emerging scenes perhaps. Vinten might be new as a band, but the music they make is a traditional mix of indie, alt-rock, folk and even Americana, and in a blindfold test you'd probably guess that they were an American group. So discovering that they call Melbourne home was a slight surprise (although, as mentioned, for no good reason). The song is the second to be released from their forthcoming debut EP which is due next month.

A little less punchy than harmony-rich debut 'Don't Turn Around', 'You Don't Know Me' may be more folky, starting with acoustic guitar and strings, but the harmonies remain and add much more to the song than a single-tracked voice would. Electric guitars and drums jump in and the tempo creeps up, and while this may be a nice enough listen at first, it grows with each play, so giving it a few spins to sink in properly would be a good plan. Both songs Vinten have released so far show a group who are more than capable of entering a saturated market with enough uniqueness to stand a fighting chance.

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