Thursday 26 November 2015

Straw Bear - All You Need Is An Electric Guitar

Article by KevW

If I'm honest, were I to find myself stranded in the middle of a rain forest, at the top of a mountain, or even on a desert island, I'm not sure an electric guitar would be the most useful implement to aid my survival. That said, the electric guitar has been probably the most crucial instrument in the development of rock and pop music of many, many genres as we know them. And, yes, plenty of songs have been recorded and can be played using that solitary piece of equipment. So I'll be less pedantic and give the six-stringed axe its due. Where would we be without it? This site would be very different, and so too would the music of Straw Bear.

Fittingly, the band's Facebook header photo shows all five members of the London collective with a guitar of some description in their hands, and new single 'All You Need Is An Electric Guitar' makes good use of at least a couple of those. A contagious indie-type track with a slight alt-country twang lurking just below the surface, this is smooth without being too slick, poppy without bowing down to current trends, and is likely to find favour with lovers of a variety of musical styles. From the alternative crowd to more mainstream types and even your dad, this tune is strong enough and universal enough to get spotted through the crowd. It's no wonder that coverage of Straw Bear has so far come from such a wide variety of places, and with their latest single that coverage should only increase.

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