Thursday 19 November 2015

The Noble Krell - The Velvet You

Article by KevW

It's often been said that much of the mystery has been taken out of music since the internet came along, allowing fans to hear unfinished demos months before the final product is released, not to mention following their heroes' every move via social media. Fan-filmed gig footage is readily available and doesn't often bear much resemblance to what it actually sounded like if you were there. There's almost nowhere to hide. Unless, it would seem, you're The Noble Krell. What can we tell you? Not much. Their debut single appears to have been released earlier this year, and this new 7" is (we think) their third. It's released through Texan label 13 O' Clock Records, but apparently, the band are from the UK. It could even be the alias of another group.

So mystery abounds on this one, and while you can find their debut track 'Never Ever' on YouTube, both 'The Velvet You' and B-side 'Not The Sun' don't appear to be online anywhere yet, although the single is available now. In which case, you'll have to take our word for it that this is a slice of classic, '60s style, jangly, acid-fried psych that sits somewhere between The Byrds and The 13th Floor Elevators, and that's rarely a bad thing. 'Not The Sun' is a little more cosmic and deeper in sound with plenty of reverb but still a pleasant jangle. The vocals sound as mysterious as the band themselves. The Noble Krell are going about their business in an old-fashioned way in terms of their sound, the way it's released and how they're presented. It's refreshing to see, and if you like a little garage-psych then this is well worth taking a punt on.

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