Monday 30 November 2015

Get Me Free #96: No Kill - Better

Article by KevW

For the last few years, barely a day went by without the words "Brooklyn" or "Portland" being mentioned on The Sound Of Confusion. For whatever reason (probably that we just receive so much stuff that we've missed loads) both musical hubs have appeared relatively quiet by comparison. There will be heaps of great new music being made in either location I'm sure, and Brooklyn duo No Kill are representing the east coast incredibly well with new single 'Better', in fact, I wish we'd known about them sooner as they've been around for half a decade or so.

'Better' is lush, slightly warped-sounding dreampop with groaning guitars that flesh-out the song and relaxed but strong vocals being the focal point. A steady beat is pushed further back into the eerie mists of the track, never ceasing until the very end. Production-wise there's a shoegaze aspect to the music, but the voice pulls it away from that style with its clarity and emotion, yet a wall-of-noise is the canvas on which it's painted. There's a repetitiveness to 'Better' that actually makes it quite familiar feeling and immediate, where in other hands it could become dull. No Kill are far from dull here though, and this tune will make your day that bit more magical for a few minutes.

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