Sunday 29 November 2015

Get Me Free #95: Eternals - Out Of Context

Article by KevW

It was Gram Parsons who coined the phrase "cosmic American music", and he'd most likely approve of Massachusetts group Eternals' new single as a continuation of that idea. Parsons may have been closer to traditional country, but he was pushing its boundaries, and since his untimely death, many bands and artists have taken on that mantle. The four members of this band have been involved with many projects over the past decade or so, including Marissa Nadler, Titus Andronicas and Passion Pit to name but a few, and in 2013 they began working on original material together. Their album 'Isn't That Anyone' is due out early next year.

New single 'Out Of Context' does take in a little country - perhaps alt-country would be a better term - as well as the atmospheric production of high-end dreampop groups. Throw in some classic harmonies (think CSNY or Fleet Foxes) and a smooth but not to sanitised overall sound and you have an excellent introduction to the band (if you're not aware of them already, a mini-album was released last year). You can even detect echoes of Belle & Sebastian about the melody, but really this is beautiful Americana that transcends the genre slightly due to the combination of other influences that help make this a very lush offering from a band to definitely make a note of.

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