Tuesday 24 November 2015

Lights That Change - Starlight

Article by KevW

It's been two years since North Wales dreampop group Lights That Change first hit our radar, and at that point they were essentially a duo driven by writer/guitarist Marc Joy. There has been a change in line-up since then, with Mandy Clare joining on vocals and John Bryan on bass. Single 'Voices' was released earlier this year, and its follow-up, 'Starlight', is now available ahead of the band's debut album 'Byzantium' early next year. 'Voices' featured guest vocals from Golden Fable's Rebecca Palin who's set to appear on other LP tracks, and additional input will come from OMD's Malcolm Holmes who provides drums and drum programming on some tracks.

'Starlight' has subtle, spacious beats, and they suit this form of airy, expansive dreampop perfectly. Nothing here is overdone; a memorable bassline and gentle guitar strums make up the backbone of the song, with soft, smooth and occasionally wispy vocals taking pole position in the mix so as to come through crystal clear. Washes of sound give a fuller effect and act as something of a backdrop to which all this is set, allowing the track to retain a wall of sound appeal. As with many artists in this category, the spectre of Liz Fraser isn't far away, although Clare's voice is less affected giving an organic touch that's fairly uncommon. One to drift away to.

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