Monday 9 November 2015

Venice Trip - Said Too Much

Article by KevW

Londoners Venice Trip have been described as a "60s psych revival band", although that's not totally accurate. With plenty of long hair, they may look the part, and having formed at the same University as Pink Floyd maybe comparisons are there for the taking. Sure, you can hear echoes of the likes of Syd Barrett, Ray Davies and even Marc Bolan in the writing, but new single 'Said Too Much', sounds perhaps more like E.L.O. than patchouli-scented hippy psychedelia. So it's hardly a shock to discover that quartet have also recorded a cover of 'Mr. Blue Sky'.

'Said Too Much' is multicoloured and also multifaceted, starting out as a gentle, almost jaunty acoustic strum before twinkling piano and other sound effects add new dimensions. It's when the beat kicks in that the song really comes alive though, as the drums seems so keen to drive the track along that they're almost falling over themselves in doing so. This is an expansive number too, despite the rampant beat, and retains a certain spaciousness all the way through, particularly when they break for slower, more atmospheric moments and then switch back into a collision of organ, backing vocals insistent bass and a thunderous rumble. If Venice Trip are on some kind of journey, then it's definitely upwards.

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