Saturday 28 November 2015

Get Me Free #94: Prints Jackson - Alexanders Dark Band

Article by KevW

Apparently, Prints Jackson is planning a Christmas song for the December installment of his quest to record and release one song every month, and it'll come complete with choirs. Sounds intriguing, but November's edition, 'Alexanders Dark Band', is a pretty good early present as it is, and is perhaps one of his best tracks thus far. As usual there is a slight DIY side to things, but this is a cracking alt-rock/indie track that makes for a nice update of the mid-'90s US alternative guitar scene. In fact, considering he's British, this does have a surprisingly American feel.

It's not just the vocals and the post-grunge styling that make this such a good offering either. The bassline and buzzing guitars reel you in due to their sheer tunefulness and then the melody of the vocal really nails it. There's more depth here then in some of his songs, both lyrically and musically this seems stronger and more inventive, using a multitude of layers and overdubs, as well as samples and electronics to forge what is a stand-out from a project that's been consistently good.

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