Wednesday 25 November 2015

guns - I Know Exactly How It Feels

Article by KevW

guns might not seem like the most befitting of names for an artist who delivers soothing, synth-based dreampop, but when you learn that her real name is Gunhild Jarwson Tekle then you can see where it comes from. Hailing from Trondheim in Norway, guns began to make music properly whilst living in Denmark, and has since released an acclaimed debut single, Ricochet, follow-up 'I Know Exactly How It Feels', and is working towards the release of an EP. It's safe to say that after some deserved rave reviews, there will be a slight weight of expectation on her shoulders.

When you listen to the modern take on woozy Scandi-pop that guns already appears to have perfected, then you can see why. 'I Know Exactly How It Feels' is full of beautiful layers of synth, a jittery electronic beat and, of course, her inviting vocals that fit the dreampop genre perfectly; guns has certainly found her niche. The thing about this song is that its appeal doesn't just lie with alternative music fans - this is a pop song above all else, but a wonderfully accomplished one that doesn't fit the identikit chart-brigade's idea of pop. There's every chance guns could find herself knocking a few of them off their perch of she keeps this up though.

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