Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hazel English - Fix/It's Not Real/Never Going Home

Article by KevW

Photo by Brandon Long

Quite how Hazel English has evaded our ears for this long I have no idea. Granted, she only has three songs online so far, all from this year, and none of them appear to be publicly available for anything besides streaming (if anyone knows any different, please let us know!), but surely a deal of some kind is just around the corner. The fanbase that the Oakland artist has built up already is quite impressive, but that's a testament to the quality of the few tracks that we are able to hear (perhaps her inner circle will know many more...). These really are quite gorgeous indiepop tunes with a dreamy quality and a huge appeal which, with many bands, isn't always as apparent at what we assume is an early stage in a career.

'Never Going Home' is the earliest track posted, and it's a kaleidoscopic mix of spangly guitars, electronic beats and washes of synth, not to mention English's swoonsome voice. It's no wonder people cottoned-on quickly. Next came 'It's Not Real' which is reminiscent of the C86 scene that came out of the UK or the indie bands brought to us by New Zealand's Flying Nun Records in the '80s; so pretty timeless and utterly lovely basically. Most recent track 'Fix' could be the best of the bunch (although these are fine margins), comprising of similar ingredients but feeling that bit more sunkissed and having even more beautiful vocals and melodies. If Hazel English continues the amazing run of form, then you'll be hearing a lot more about her very soon.

Hazel English's website

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