Saturday 14 November 2015

Peppina - Follow Your Gravity EP

Article by KevW

It may be some kind of trick of the imagination, but so often it seems as though the pop music that emanates out of Scandinavia is of a much higher calibre that the UK or US can manage. Being able to write and record an EP this good whilst still a teenager suggests that Finnish songstress Peppina has a bright future ahead, either as a solo artist or writing for others. 'Follow Your Gravity' shows a maturity that could see her music transcend age groups and even genres. 'My Only Heart', for example, is the kind of semi-acoustic pop that's easy enough on the ear for widespread daytime radio play, but good enough for wider acclaim. The more upbeat and lovable 'What You Are Will Show' is perhaps even more likely to go down well with its hints of folky indiepop shining through.

If you rigidly stick to alternative music only then the EP's title-track may be a little too light for your taste but there's no doubt it's well-written and could be a hit for an established act. 'We Can Go Back Again' is a slowie that closes out the record, but it'a also one of the most potent songs here, adding a little edge to Peppina's organic sound as well as a cinematic elegance. The best starting point for those new to Peppina is, fittingly, first track 'Time Standing Still' which blends all of the aspects found throughout 'Follow Your Gravity' together to produce an impressive alt-pop tune with a great chorus. Peppina has the talent to go a long way, so let's hope she gets the breaks and starts to wash away the tide of identikit pop puppets that clog up the charts.

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