Thursday 19 November 2015

Get Me Free #88: bad atoms - Kilogrammes

Article by KevW

Many great songs and albums have come from the heartache felt after a failed relationship, some direct and soppy (pretty much any Adele tune) and some quite vitriolic (try Marvin Gaye's sarcastically-titled album 'Here, My Dear'). For London's bad atoms, the alias of Felix Davis, neither is quite true, with 'Kilogrammes' placed somewhere inbetween and having an unusual origin: "'Kilogrammes' was written under the influence, while watching a documentary on the origins of the metric system. Davis became fascinated with how anything can be measured, including happiness." You probably won't get that on the new Adele record...

Recorded in his shared house, the track is lo-fi in terms of production, with a Syd Barrett-like quality at times (especially the quiet pause for a guitar solo), but with spooky reverb added in places to offer a fresh take on bedroom pop. Sung as a duet with Jimmy Page's daughter Jana, the harmonies work well in making this stripped-back approach feel much fuller in sound than it could have been - especially towards the end as everything gets ramped-up to quite a climax with overlaid voices giving the impression of confusion that can occur in such mental states as break-up. This isn't your average lo-fi, D.I.Y. guitar-pop, and bad atoms may just go on to leave quite a mark.

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