Tuesday 24 November 2015

TÜLIPS - Perfect Love

Article by KevW

There perhaps couldn't be a better name than 'Doom & Bloom' for the debut album by Los Angeles quartet TÜLIPS. If you look to the beginnings of the band, you find shoegaze fan Taleen Kali and riot-pop fan Angie Bloom sending each other mixtapes through the mail when they were living apart. When they were both back in LA they began jamming and coming up with tunes, before deciding that a full band would be needed to realise their ambition, so Miles Faster and Travis Moore joined and they perfected a sound they accurately describe as "riotgaze" - the amalgamation of their personal tastes.

You may want to call it noise-pop or punk, but it's definitely a riot and is full of scuffed guitars and minimal production. The album was mixed by Brad Laner of shoegazers Medicine who seems to have totally nailed the group's vision. Single 'Perfect Love' is a short but sweet barbed-wire kiss where punk attitude and vintage melodic prowess collide to recall bands such as The Muffs or even a scruffier Veruca Salt. Often, songs like this can be a little throwaway, and while it's impossible to tell whether people will still be listening to TÜLIPS in a few decades time, there's enough fun to be had here not to write of that idea completely.

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