Wednesday 25 November 2015

Get Me Free #91: TIDEUP - Heartbeat

Article by KevW

Florida duo TIDEUP may not throw new singles at us every couple of weeks like some bands, but the fact that they're not overly prolific means that when they do offer up new material it's going to sound pretty special. Their first EP, 'Curses', was released back in 2013, along with single 'A Dance In The Dark' which drew high praise from us. Two years on and the first cut from second EP 'Memories' is sounding just as seductive and silky as those past recordings, combining a soulful edge with electronic dreampop.

We used The xx as a comparison before, in part due to the minimal nature of the song, and that still stands on 'Heartbeat'. This is a lusher track overall, but the unhurried spaciousness and lack of clutter are what give the song such a eerily chilled vibe - chilled but not cold. 'Heartbeat' is warm and snuggly and seems to envelop you as you listen; it almost feels as though it should have been the direction that chillwave went before it fizzled out. TIDEUP share much in common with that genre, but the determination to avoid being deliberately lo-fi and get the most out of their songs stands them on much firmer footing.

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