Tuesday 24 November 2015

T/O - White Eyes, Black Signs

Article by KevW

This week sees the release of the debut EP by Strasbourg multi-instrumentalist Théo Cloux who goes by the name T/O, although for live performances the set-up is expanded to a quartet. The four tracks that comprise 'Eyes Above' are described as "lo-fi dream pop", and to be fair, that's pretty much on the money, but there is enough here to differentiate T/O from other similar artists (of which there are plenty). In terms of quality, the songs are decent, but they also vary from one another and don't rely too heavily on distortion to create that dreamy effect, something which can be overused by other acts to disguise a sub-standard tune.

Lead single 'White Eyes, Black Signs' isn't the most upbeat on the EP (not that you can pogo along to the rest of it...) , and perhaps an odd choice as, say, 'Ccolectivee' is more immediate and 'U First' more catchy with its space-funk mannerisms. Is it a good choice nonetheless, because what 'White Eyes...' does is usher you into T/O's dusky world nicely, showing off both the modern bedroom-dreampop leanings and the echoes of '80s synth music that are the essential ingredients to the overall make-up of the record. Plus, as the track builds, it begins to reach new heights that elevate it above other EP cuts. Definitely a good introduction.

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