Monday 9 November 2015

Get Me Free #80: The Fight - Try

Article by KevW

Their very name alone suggests that The Fight are in this game to give it all they have, not just to make up the numbers. Formed in 2010, the Edmonton five-piece released their debut album, 'Young Electric', back in 2011 and very much belong in the same category as other North American alt-rock bands who've achieved success in recent years (there's a clear reason why they've been compared to The National). Last month saw the release of a new, six-track EP that is packed with smokey, bristling guitar tunes, all of which could be potential singles.

EP opener 'Try' sums up the group's sound perhaps best of all and is an instant hit. You can hear the passion in the vocals, you can hear the determination in the brooding energy and you can hear the ambition in the way the song is produced and arranged. Lyrically 'Try' also contains obvious hints of a band striving to be the very best they possibly could be - "I know you could probably do better... it won't always be easy". Writing and then realising great songs isn't an easy task, many fall at the first hurdle, but the fact that The Fight are now half a decade old and putting out music with such conviction is a testament to the qualities they possess.

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