Monday 23 November 2015

Get Me Free #89: Redanda - Booze Cruise

Article by KevW

What's always made Ontario band Redanda interesting is that they're not ones for sticking to formulas. With their records you never really know what to expect, other than that there's a strong likelihood of it being rather great. Essentially a garage-rock group, they've blended in other genres on past releases with surprisingly good results. Check out the reggae-infused 'Foosball' for example. New EP 'Mood For Thought' chops and changes a bit too, with 'Whatever You Get Up To, Just Enjoy' being a more traditional garage romp, and 'Leftovers' carrying a similar vibe to early Arctic Monkeys. Then you can take 'Decanter' which has a slight '60s jangle to the guitars as well as a hint of surf and slacker-rock; they keep you on your toes.

It's probably centrepiece 'Booze Cruise' that serves as the EP's highlight though, as it takes you to a strange, trippy world where guitars twang with an exotic lilt and the whole song appears, perhaps fittingly, slightly tipsy or blinded by the sun. Lyrically this isn't about what you might think, and the band describe the idea as follows: "There’s a difference between being drunk and having a drink, and sometimes a drink can clear your mind." That's exactly what we're given as well, but although the length of seven-and-a-half-minutes might sound daunting, it's really not once you enter this curious woozy world which is quite addictive. With a pause that's followed by a guitar solo bursting out over the otherwise spacious music, it has a break that breathes new life into it too. Impressive stuff.

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