Saturday 14 November 2015

Get Me Free #84: Postcards From Jeff - Modern Language

Article by KevW

Listening to the debut album from Manchester's Postcards From Jeff (the Jeff in question remains a mystery to us, as the man behind the music is called Joss Worthington) it's easy to see why he's gained so much attention so quickly. A debut EP was released last year before Louder Than War chose to release 'Suburban Girl' as a single earlier this year. The album, 'Modern Language' is now available through Alien Boutique and has received no small amount of critical acclaim, and the title-track sums up just why.

'Modern Language' seems to bridge the gap between UK and North American indie/alt rock and does so with a certain grandeur. The overall base for the song even touches on alt-country, but remains British-sounding at the same time, with the occasionally distorted guitar leading it away from becoming too sanitised. There are elements of '90s alternative music to be found here, along with modern guitar giants such as The National (a fairly common and just comparison). All in all it means that even over the course of almost seven minutes (the single edit below is shortened), it never becomes dull.

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