Thursday, 26 November 2015

Omega Vague - Ever

Article by KevW

I think we can safely say that Craig Douglas is a very talented man (this isn't the same Craig Douglas who hit the charts in the '50s and '60s by the way... that would be even more amazing). As writer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he's created some great music as Omega Vague and, as with most of his work, this cut from recent EP 'Tension Sessions' features no other players but him, with Chris Cretella helping out on knob-twiddling duties. The EP shows a certain degree of variation too, with some more atmospheric cuts, but 'Ever' is a definite highlight.

There's no messing around with intros really, Omega Vague get straight into business with drums, bass, guitars and harmonies all hitting you like a wall of sound from the first second. Vocally this is very soft and almost ethereal which is the perfect foil for the music. You could call this streamlined shoegaze, as it does contain elements of that genre, but the persistent beat makes you think of krautrock-inspired dreampop. 'Ever' glides along with ease and never stops to take a breath. It's a fluid, lush and soaring number that would be impressive had it had the input of a few band members. As solo projects go, Omega Vague is on the money and can tackle the lot himself though. And with several previous releases to check out, our weekend listening is already sorted.

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