Sunday 1 November 2015

Get Me Free #78: Streaming Lights - New

Article by KevW

Fans of Fuzzy-Felt (and animals), it's your lucky day! The latest single from Hull trio Streaming Lights comes with an animated video that will be right up your street. It adds some interesting visuals to an interesting song that is, typically for this band, difficult to stick to a specific genre. There may be comparisons to be found in The Rapture or even LCD Soundsystem, despite the fact that 'New' is largely an indie-type guitar track, albeit an experimental one.

Streaming Lights aren't afraid to throw different ideas at their music, and it works really well with 'New'. A funky bassline, a skittery, danceable beat with some neat cowbell thrown in, a good lot of fuzz and an electronic undercurrent: this isn't a modest and unassuming number at all. That being said, neither does it become messy or crowded at any point, and as well as having that innovative side, it's also a pop song underneath, so it's got plenty of hooks and vocals you can sing along to. Another fine effort from these guys.

Download 'New' for free by heading here

Streaming Lights' website

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