Friday 13 November 2015

Get Me Free #83: Warning Light - Past The Haro Straight

Article by KevW

So everybody knows that The Haro Straight is basically a stretch of water off Vancouver Island that separates Canada from the US, right? Cool, thought so. Quite what the connection of that location is to the song 'Past The Haro Straight' is a little difficult to gauge since it's an instrumental, and Warning Light didn't provide us with that information about their new single. Main man D Haddon lives far away in the state of Georgia, so it's not a local area either, but still, let's not get too caught up in the name.

Warning Light have been making records for over a decade now and 'Past The Haro Straight' is the third single to be taken from new album 'Oftenchance'. It's a propulsive krautrock number that makes good use of analogue-sounding electronics, chopped through with affected vocal sighs that are much closer to being used as another instrument than as a voice and there certainly aren't any lyrics. What they do however, is give this retro electronic number a more organic touch so that it feels that bit warmer.

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