Monday 30 November 2015

The Smoking Trees - Victoria's Garden

Article by KevW

Each time we think that the deluge of every form of psychedelia going is about to stop, or at least start to yield diminishing returns, something comes along to change our minds. In this instance its Los Angeles duo The Smoking Trees, long time favourites, who released their latest album 'TST' back in the summer. This wispy, weird and woozy track does have a summer vibe to it, even containing the sound of insects buzzing around, and the strange video places elephants in field of sunflowers. Not quite their usual habitat as far as we know...

OK, so 'Victoria's Garden' is a song about love, but before you start thinking about smutty innuendo, it should be pointed out that (apparently) the deterioration of her garden in the lyrics is actually a metaphor for a relationship drifting apart, so it's actually quite sad. That said, the late '60s acid flavour keeps it relatively bright. Lyrically lines such as "Victoria's garden, it came from the sea, there's only a flower surrounded by weeds" and "the hose has a leek" mean it's definitely about what they claim, right? Good, I'm glad we've cleared that up...

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