Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Phantom Sound - The Phantom Sound

Article by KevW

You know how there are some bands you love and wish/think they should be huge? Most music fans will name acts they believe deserve more success, but, truth be told, several of the artists I personally think should be selling millions are simply too "alternative" to ever really get beyond cult status - unless they ditch their current sound and opt for the whole selling-out idea, something which is often scoffed at but is perfectly fine so long as the band believe in their music and its still of a high standard. When it comes to Los Angeles-bred, London-based act The Phantom Sound  (the solo project of Marisa Schlussel, ably backed by Matt Lackford, Louis Seris and Eduardo Dolzan) there is a genuine case for much chart-based activity.

The Phantom Sound aren't overly commercial, but then you don't need to be to be a high-selling group, and neither are they lo-fi or particularly left-field. On this debut album we're given some very good, modern indie-rock tracks that have attracted the attention of some impressive names: as well as being produced by Ken Strigfellow who's performed as a member of Big Star, REM and more, half of the record includes legendary Blondie drummer Clem Burke (one of the finest sticksmen in the history of rock/pop), with Rilo Kiley's Pierre DeReeder contributing bass to a couple of tunes. These people know potential when they hear it, and Marisa Schlussel is not short in that department, and when you combine that with the band, producer and contributors she has, the results were unlikely to be a let down.

Storming opener and previous single 'Get To Me' lets you know this right from the offset, and while it may be one of the strongest songs here, it's by no means the only thing worthwhile about this album. 'The Phantom Sound' doesn't really have any filler, and while, say, 'Crushing' may not quite have as much instant impact, it's still a slow-burning, brooding powerhouse, and 'Silent Hush' has a poppy vibe that would easily lend itself to radio play - and that's just the first three tracks. The new-wavey 'Falling Out Of Time' is another with single potential, likewise the catchy highlight 'In His Smile' and punky whirlwind 'Release Me'- it would be easy to comment on every song. All-star cast or not, Marisa has a great voice, The Phantom Sound possess a fistful of quality tunes and it's all conspired to make this a memorable debut from a band who really should (and hopefully will) breakthrough to the mainstream before long.

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